Peligro is a Punk-Thrash-Metal band out of Los Angeles formed and fronted by none other than D.H. Peligro.

D.H. Peligro has been an integral part of the San Francisco and Los Angeles music scenes since 1978 and proudly wears the mantle, King of Afro Punk. As a Drummer for the Dead Kennedys and Red Hot Chili Peppers, he helped bring hardcore punk onto the international scene. D.H. also beat the skins with Nailbomb featuring members of Sepultura, Fudge Tunnel, Front-Line Assembly and Neurosis. The band only performed wice yet sold over 100,000 records.

D.H. is currently the front man of his own menacing group known simply as Peligro. Their third album, “Sum of our Surroundings”, was nominated for Rock Album of the Year by the American Independent Music Awards. The bands’ cover of Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” was nominated for a Grammy; no small feat considering Jimi’s version is widely know as the very first Heavy Metal hit. And finally, D.H. Peligro is slated to receive a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

As a headliner Peligro brought the Archaic Tour to: Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Columbia. In Brazil, Peligro headlined the Porao Do Rock Festival and played live on MTV Brasil.

Peligro the Band is an unstoppable juggernaut that transforms D.H. from Punk rock legend to a Metal genius. The power of their live performance continues to bolster this claim night after bloody night.


  • “Sum of Our Surroundings” American Independent Music Award’s, “Album of the Year”
  • Shared the stage with: Bad Brains, TSOL, Green Day, Papa Roach, Zeke, The Dickies, Killer Smiles, Flipper, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Unk, h.t.t.h, Opus Dai and Dedfuel
  • Soundtrack appearances on the MTV show “Wild Boys”